At St Martin’s, children aged 3/4 years-of-age to 5/6 years-of-age are invited to enjoy an age-appropriate, fun-filled, challenging yet extending education in a safe and secure environment.  Grade 000 is our standard point of entry and the end of Grade R the standard exit point.

The classes are organised into Grade 000, Grade 00 and Grade R; the School customarily provides two grades of each age group.

The School follows the admission ages as laid down by the South African School’s Act and is a recognised and documented provider of pre-primary education to the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Education.

As such, children in Grade 000 may be two turning three before the end of June or three turning four before the end of December. In Grade 00, they may be three turning four before the end of June or four turning five before the end of December. In Grade R, they may be four turning five before the end of June or five turning six before the end of December.

The following procedure is followed when places are offered to prospective pupils:

  1. Generally, parents/guardians complete the Enrolment Form on the webpage or call the School.
  2. They are then contacted and invited to visit the School, for a “show-around’, to meet the Principal and have any questions addressed.
  3. Thereafter, a list of children whose have parents/guardians have expressed an interest in their child attending the School in any given year is created.
  4. Places are offered telephonically in the first term of the year before your child is due to start school.
  5. In the second term of the same year you will receive written notification of admission.
  6. Written acceptance of the place must be received within one month of receipt of the School’s letter, accompanied by a deposit.
  7. In the third term, a Parents’ Orientation Evening and parent interviews will be scheduled for the parents/guardians of prospective pupils.
  8. Refusal letters will be sent out at the end of the third term.  Parents may, however, still be offered a place for their child in the event of transfers, changes of circumstances, etc.
  9. New pupils are invited to an Orientation Day in the fourth term, in order to familiarise them with the School prior to entry the following year.


Please note:

Junior Primary Schools in the Durban North area also follow the Admissions Criteria as laid down by the Department of National Education.  This states that children living in the area are accepted ahead of those from out of the area.  Attendance at St Martin’s Pre-Primary School does not, therefore, automatically ensure placement at all local schools.