This is always a hectic time of year – with all the festive furore. So much emphasis is placed on presents, the buying and receiving of them, with store windows full of tempting displays and Father Christmas “Ho! Ho! Ho-ing!” in October!

Sometimes we lose sight of what Christmas and the gift of giving are really about.

Children demandingly present lists of their wants and there is lots of competition and peer pressure to get the “best-branded loot”.

Whereas this season is the ideal opportunity to make a statement of faith and to be thankful for the gift of Jesus and the salvation he brings.

Parents should stand firm and give appropriate presents at Christmas. Suitable to both their pockets and the needs of their children. Extravagant provision can lead to extravagant greed (and to extravagant financial duress)…

These are the gifts that children should to taught to recognise and appreciate:

  • The love of their parents, exercised with clear, consistent and loving boundaries.
  • The security of a supportive family.
  • The provision of a safe home.
  • Healthy food and full tummies.
  • The blessing of education.
  • A healthy lifestyle with lots of outdoor activity and exercise.
  • The enjoyment of friendships.

Many are not as blessed as our children, let’s help our little people to think of those less fortunate than themselves this Christmas …. and let us all give the gift of ourselves!